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Holy ….Water!

The other day while ice skating (for the first time in 30 years), I fell on my right side and sprained my hand and wrist. The top of my right hand was grayish-blue and swollen. My wrist was slightly swollen and painful.

Today, after Mass, I went to the holy water dish in our church and liberally doused the top of my hand with holy water. In front of my eyes, the color returned to normal and the swelling went away. I could see the bones in my hand again.

I was marveling at the miraculous recovery of my hand in the car, on the way home. I showed my husband and he said that my hand looked normal again but my wrist was still swollen. I agreed and said that it still ached, too. Then I remembered that I hadn’t applied the holy water to my wrist at all. I’m going back to church to finish the job.

Have faith and look for little miracles in your life. They’re God’s way of showing you that He’s with you, even if He didn’t grant your wish to win the lottery. After all, God’s not a genie.


Where Will 2016 Take Us?

house-for-sale-800pxIt’s official. We’re going to lose our home. Our lawyer is going to send us a list of short-sale realtors to contact.

Foreclosure can be a long process, as was ours. But it eventually ends and then you need to find a place to live, which is an overwhelming task because if you could afford to pay rent on a new place, then you could probably afford to pay your mortgage. And your credit rating is going to severely suffer due to losing your house, so finding someone to rent to you is going to be a long, tedious chore. Add a 100-pound Golden Retriever to the mix, and you might be facing a monumental challenge.

And then there’s cleaning out the house. We’ve lived here for ten years. We’ve accumulated a lot of things, some of it junk. However, separating out the junk — and disposing of it — and packing up the remainder of our property is another huge job.

Since our house will be a short sale, there is no definite timeline. It could sell on day one. Even though the banks will take their time negotiating with each other, we could potentially have to be out in a month or two. But to where? And how will we afford the move?

One other aspect of this debacle is depression. Our family is almost immobile due to depression. We have to get moving and start getting ready to move; we just have to. But it’s so much easier to sleep, and then sleep some more.

As people of faith, we know that God has a plan for us. That makes our anxiety a bit easier to bear. But we also know that things happen in God’s time. All we can do is pray that God’s time coincides with ours.