Cozy Boots

via Daily Prompt: Cozy

The other day, I bought myself new boots to keep on the front porch. My old fake Uggs that I kept on the front porch were worn beyond wearing. Every time I went out in the snow or the rain, my feet got to experience the wet ground as much as if I were barefoot.

The boots I keep on the front porch are the boots I put on in a rush. I don’t usually wear shoes in the house, but not because I have a policy about not wearing shoes in the house, or anything. I just don’t feel like exerting the effort to put shoes on when I’m inside. So, when I have to go somewhere in the winter or fall, I head out to the porch, jump into my boots, and leave through the front door. (I also leave flip-flops out there for warm weather.)

It is important that my porch boots don’t have to be tied, buckled, or fastened. They must be pull-ons, or jump-ins.

My new boots are fake suede ankle boots, and they’re lined in faux fur. They are so warm and comfortable that, when I’m wearing them, I actually stop and think, “These boots make my feet feel wonderful.” I’ve never done that before. Usually, I put my shoes on and forget about them. If I do think about them, then they’re probably hurting my feet.

It’s a good thing that I don’t have a no-shoes policy in my house because I no longer leave my boots on the front porch when I come in. I wear them all day and put them back on the porch right before I go to bed.

They’re that cozy.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.38.08 PM



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